Saturday, October 18, 2014

Alphabet nail art challenge - Letter Y

I've missed some letters because the lack of time, but here we are at ugly letter Y and my inspiration was equal to zero for this one, until I made a color swirl manicure, like I saw by Sveta Senders. Of course I used just pink polishes, this time too and after I finished the mani, my daughter told me that it looks like a mix of strawberry yogurt, so this is my YOGURT nail art :))

I used three polishes: Astor Satin Angel for the base and Gabrini 389, Golden Rose matte 01 for the mixture.

I am super curious what the other girls made for this letter.
  1. Mădălina -
  2. Oana -
  3. Mihaela -
  4. Madalina -
  5. Deyutza -
  6. Ella -
  7. Kinga -
  8. Andra -
  9. Andra (Sophie) -
  10. Andrea -
  11. Teo -
  12. Rita -
  13. Andreea -
Have a fantastic weekend!

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Match the dress - Concurs Nail Art

Hello lovely ladies.

Today I am celebrating my birthday and I wanted to show you my manicure for this occasion. 
I made a matching manicure for an outfit I saw on Pinterest, I hope you like the results.

I used the below seen polishes and I painted the roses with acrylic colors.

I really do love the final result and the color combination. 
For this occasion I have a contest, but again it is just for my Romanian readers. I hope that soon I can have an international giveaway too for all my followers!

Thank you for all your fantastic comments! 

Anul acesta in septembrie blogul Colour Your Life a implinit 3 ani, iar azi imi serbez ziua de nastere. Cu aceasta ocazie m-am gandit sa organizez un concurs de nail art. Sper sa va placa idea, premiile si sa participati in numar cat mai mare.

Tema concursului: MATCH THE DRESS

Trebuie sa creati o manichiura care sa semene cu o tinuta din garderoba voastra sau puteti gasii imagini pe internet cu orice outfit care va place. Idea este ca manichiura sa semene cu modelul tinutei! Ca si exemplu vedeti lucrarea mea de mai sus.

1. Puteti participa doar cu o singura manichiura, fiecare persoana are dreptul la o inscriere.
2. Puteti sa stampilati, sa pictati sau sa folositi stickere pentru a crea manichiura. Nu accept manichiuri facute la salon!
3. Fiecare participanta imi va trimite minim trei fotografii cu manichiura realizata, pe e-mailul
      1. una sa contina pe langa manichiura (sau tinuta in mana) o hartie pe care 
      2. un close-up ca sa pot vedea cat mai in detaliu manichiura, 
      3. una langa tinuta sau fotografia tinutei de care ati fost inspirata. 
Descrieti in cateva cuvinte lucrarea voastra (ce oje, tehnica ati folosit etc.).

Vor fii acceptate doar fotografiile care sunt clare, in care se vede perfect manichiura!
4. Pe langa realizarea manichiurii, trebuie sa respectati si alte doua reguli : 
           Like pe Facebook a paginii Colour Your Life 
          Share pe Facebook a acestui concurs. Imaginea concursului o gasiti aici
          (Va rog mult sa imi trimiteti prin mail si linkul share-ului. Multumesc.)

Vor fi doua castigatoare. Prima manichiura castigatoare va fi aleasa de mine iar a doua va fi aleasa de catre voi, prin voturi. Voi afisa fotografiile pe pagina de Facebook Colour Your Life si timp de doua zile oricine poate sa le voteze. Manichiura cu cea mai multe voturi va fi cea castigatoare.

Concursul tine din 16 octombrie 2014 pana pe 31 octombrie 2014. Voi afisa castigatoarea aleasa de mine aici, la aceasta postare in data de 4 noiembrie 2014 si in acelasi zi voi incarca restul manichiurilor pe pagina de Facebook Colour Your Life. Votarea va fii posibila timp de doua zile si in data de 6 noiembrie 2014 vom afla cea dea doua castigatoare.

Va invit sa participati chiar daca sunteti incepatoare, orice manichiura poate castiga! 
Premiul 1: trei oje (beauty UK Neon Blue, Modelite - F25 si L55), o pila Cosmelys, micro beads negru argintiu caviar, strasuri autoadezive galbene de diferite marimi, un colier si diferite mostre cu crema de fata
Premiu 1 pentru manichiura aleasa de mine
Detaliu premiu 

Premiul 2: trei oje (beauty UK Neon Turquoise, Modelite - P2 si P6), o pila Cosmelys, micro beads auriu si magenta, stelute galbene decorative, un colier si diferite mostre cu crema de fata

Premiul 2 pentru manichiura cea mai votata.
Detaliu premiu
Va astept cu inscrieri. Succes tuturor, abia astept sa admir creatiile voastre!

Premiile sunt cumparate de mine si nu am nici un sponsor pentru acest concurs.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

Pink negative space mani

I will continue this month to make pink manicures and support the breast cancer awareness cause! 

This time I tried the negative space design with two pink polishes, Rimmel - Euphoria which is an oyster shade, silverish with a soft purple shimmer, in daylight it looks absolutely gorgeous! It is a hard shade to capture in photos! The other polish is Barry M. Bright Pink.

I added some round light pink studs. 

Last weekend I spent some time with my family and friends in the mountains. I will share a few pictures with you. The weather was not so good, but the landscapes were breath taking beautiful!

Dealul Botii

Belis lake
Valul Miresei - Rachitele

Thank you for stopping by!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Fruit and vegetable mix juice

Each week I make at least 4 or 5 kind of fruit and vegetable mixture juices. Not each of them is very tasty, I always try new combinations, and some of them are total failures. Today I show you one, that I drink a lot through the summer time but it can be made in any season. All you need for it is a powerful juicer and the ingredients:

4-5 middle sized apple
3 carrots
2 cucumbers
fresh ginger, not to much because it will be to spicy.

Fresh cucumbers are loaded with vitamin A, B, C, D, E, lignans, and flavonoids. These nutrients provide us with valuable antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and anti-cancer benefits.

Bright orange carrots are rich in nutrients, they are rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber and antioxidants that are good for our health.

Aromatic and spicy ginger adds a special flavor in many fruit and vegetable dishes. Ginger boosts the immune system and it contains antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor effects on cells.

I recommend to drink it immediately to benefit all the vitamins from this great drink!

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Think Pink

October is the month of breast cancer awareness and the fashion & beauty bloggers from Romania supports this cause with an all pink day!
Did you know that yearly 78 000 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in Romania? This number is very high and this is just here, in our country. How many are in the world? So this post is to encourage each woman, to get regular checks, because the earlier cancer is detected, higher that it can be treated successfully. I am talking from experience, I am a breast cancer survivor, yes, I am going to turn 39 this month and I had breast cancer. It was the most horrible period in my life and I really thought that my life will end soon. But I am here and I appreciate each second of my life. The fear of a relapse is very big, but I am hoping for the best. I could tell you a lot of stories about younger and older women who fought with me together, I met a lot of extraordinary women trough my journey and my heart goes out for all those who are fighting in this moment! My message to you is, go for regular check ups, it doesn't hurt and it can save your life!

My manicure has a story. After I knew that I am cancer free I wanted to make a tattoo with a butterfly and the pink ribbon, the symbol of breast cancer awareness. But my husband, who has two tattoos told me that it hurts and he does not recommend me. Until know I didn't made the tattoo but I didn't give up the thought to have one. The design that I would like to have on my body is the one from the pictures bellow. I like it very much, for me it represents freedom, a life free from cancer! So, I tried to paint it on my nails.

Stay healthy and raise awareness, encourage your girlfriends, sister or mum to have regular check ups!

Here are all the girls from the group:
  1. Oana -
  2. Andreea
  3. Anca
  4. Oana S. -
  5. Andra
  6. Alina -
  7. Ella -
  8. Mădălina -
  9. Claudia -
  10. Deea -
  11. Deyutza
  12. Gabi -
  13. Ral
  14. Teo -
  15. Iulia
  16. Mihaela
  17. Andrea -
  18. Kleo -
  19. Kinga -
Hugs to all of you!
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