Thursday, December 18, 2014

Born Pretty Store nail art brush set review

Hello ladies.

Today is review day for a fantastic set of brushes I received from the Born Pretty Store. This set  consist of 11 brushes and one dotting tool in a sealed package. Each brush comes with a plastic cap on it. I categorized the brushes and I will show you some designs you can make with them. First I want to mention that I am not an expert, so my designs are simple and easy ones.
Striping brushes. These are the most used ones! They are 5 of them in the set, a long, a medium, a short one and two detail brushes. With the first three one you can make those perfect long and thin lines on your nails, or even use them for thin details like outlines. With the detail brushes you can make swirls, flowers, petals or anything that is smaller!

Doting tool. This is an another object that I use very often for my designs. You can make small or even bigger dots with this tool, just let your imagination free!
Flat brushes. The set comes with 7 different sized and shaped flat brushes. The angle brushes are perfect for the brush stroke technique, to create flowers and any other detailed design. You can use them for cleaning too, if you make a mistake or the polish get's to the cuticles or skin, with a little acetone or polish remover and a thicker flat brush you can swipe and remove the mistakes.You can find at the end of this post a few designs made with these brushes.
Fan brushes. In the set are two of them. They are great for adding glitter or removing excess glitter from the nails or even creating tweed nails. The base for the last design is made with one of these brushes.

Don't forget to clean the brushes properly, because this way the quality of them will last much longer. I use these brushes exclusively with acrylic paint, but the manufacturer said that it can be used for gel nails too. This is a fact that I can not confirm, because I don't work with gel nails.
If you need this set of brushes you can find it here and any other nail art related stuff and much more. You can use my 10% off discount code from bellow. Just visit Born Pretty Store.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Konad stamped nails

I participated to a nail art contest made by Konad Romania. The whole idea was to use Konad plates to make any kind of manicure. I made a simple and elegant one, using plate M73 and two polishes: Orly Mysterious and Barry M. silver polish. I added some rhinestones too, for a more glamorous look.

The problem is that the contest was postponed because there were just a few participants.
 How do you like my mani? Do you use Konad stamping plates? Which is your favorite one?
Thank you for stopping by.

Friday, December 12, 2014

Easy chevron nail design, with a little help

I am sure you all know the usual tip guides for french manicures. Today I am going to show you a guide that helps you to achieve a chevron nail design in a few minutes. This is a product I received from the Born Pretty Store and it is called Creative French Manicure Wave Edge Tip Guides

The product is a simple sheet of paper that contains two columns of cut out wave shapes. Use a base color for your mani and after a longer time of drying, stick the guides on it as you wish and with other colored polishes paint on the remaining free spaces. The guides are quite sticky, so I suggest to put it first on your skin and after that place it on your nails. This way it is sure you wont ruin your base polish! 

All in all, the guides are very helpful, I never managed to make a proper chevron nail design with brushes. This way it is much easier!

I hope you like this manicure and color combination. You can find the product HERE and of course a lot of new nail art stuff too. Just visit the Born Pretty Store and if you make a purchase you can use my 10% off discount code from below! 

Now they have a HUGE Christmas Sale. Don't miss it! 


Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Stamped accent nail

Hello lovely ladies.

How did your week started? Mine it continues to be extremely busy, this is why I am going to show you an older mani I made from about a month ago. I used a gorgeous blue textured polish called Baltic Sand by Lovely and I made a stamped accent nail with the MoYou London plate from the Suki collection. I hope you like the mani as I did.


I am going to live you with a few pictures I made in my town at the weekend. 

 We have a small Christmas fair too in the middle of the town.

DELIA - a well known singer from Romania and a jury at the X Factor show.

Have a great day and thank you very much for stopping by!

Friday, December 5, 2014

Stamping decals

From quite a while I wanted to make some stamping decals but I never had the proper tools for it. Thanks to Born Pretty Store I received recently a rectangle shaped stamper and a scraper. I took out from my collection my new Qgirl Q18 stamping plate and started to make my decals. I have to mention, it needs a lot of patients to make one!

First I have chosen the base colors: Golden Rose nr.51 from the Selective Collection and a new green polish by Aden nr.171. This is the first and the last time that I buy this brand, the brush of this bottle is thick and very hard to handle, the formula of the polish lives strikes and after a few hours it becomes bubble too! 

I made a small step by step tutorial. First I stamped the chosen image on the stamper, I painted with green and red (Orly - Monroe's Red) some of the parts I wanted and left a few shapes without polish. After drying I topped it all with a clear top coat. And now comes the part when you need patience, I waited until it dried completely and with the help of a tweezer I removed the image from the stamper. I placed the decals on my nails painted with the gold polish and finished it with a top coat.
This is the final result. Considering that I am using this technique for the first time, I am pleased with the results.

All in all the stamper is very useful, because of it shape. I had to file down a little bit the surface of it because the image pattern didn't transferred on it completely, but after it, it worked perfectly. I have to mention that I used the scraper just once, because it scratches very badly the surface of the plate and that is why I used my usual plastic scraper to finish this manicure.
If you like this product, you can find it HERE and of course a lot of amazing nail art products are waiting for you at the Born Pretty Store. If you purchase something, you can use my 10% OFF discount code from below!

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